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Water is Life

Pools and Riffles – The OHI Webinar

Pools and riffles are important components of a stream: pools are the quiet, deeper parts while riffles are where water gurgles over rocks, absorbing oxygen and generating sound. OHI Webinars will emulate these features, seeking to catch and release both existing wisdom and emerging perspectives.


Upcoming Webinars

To be announced soon.
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Past Webinars

June 13, 2012 – Conservation Authority Permitting and Public Input

  • This webinar dealt with aspects of public involvement in CA permitting. Presenters consisted of Jon Johnson, an individual who had opposed permits for a development on Lake Simcoe and felt the process did not allow adequate provision for effective public participation and Don Pearson, General Manager of Conservation Ontario. Poor software performance resulted in difficulties with sound, leading the OHI to acquire its own webinar software. Pools and Riffles will is being re-launched in 2015.