Working to Protect Ontario’s Headwaters, Natural Heritage, and Watersheds

OHI Teacher Support

Teacher Support consists of a series of click-to-advance Power Point versions of videos in the Backgrounder playlist on our YouTube Channel so the slides can be advanced when you and your class are ready. If you wish to see the videos, please go back and click on the YouTube icon. We may add more material downstream, and will try to address any requests or comments you may have.

Using these slides: The presentation will be downloaded to your computer. Once you have opened the file, click on the portable movie screen icon in the bottom tray, just left of the adjustable size bar. The animations on the individual slides will play automatically, but the slides themselves will advance only on a click of your mouse.

PPT 1: Water and Watersheds

PPT 2: Watershed Characteristics

PPT 3: What are Headwaters?

PPT 4: Why are Headwaters Important?

PPT 5: Headwaters of the Greater Golden Horseshoe