Working to Protect Ontario’s Watersheds, their Natural Heritage, and our Receiving Waters


Donations, Sponsors, and Partners

The Ontario Headwaters Institute is incorporated in Ontario and enjoys federal charitable status. Donations of any amount are always welcome, and can be tied to programs for which  we also seek dedicated sponsors, partners, and grants or to help us defray on-going costs, such as research and general program delivery.

Recently, we have shifted an annual funding appeal to February / March each year, to separate us from all the fundraising that occurs in November and December. For further information please contact Andrew McCammon at 416 231-9484 or via Andrew at OntarioHeadwaters dot ca.

Charitable receipts will be issued for all donations or sponsorships, either directly from the OHI or, if more convenient, via our page at Canada Helps, and all contributions are managed to meet or exceed federal and provincial standards for charitable operations and accounting protocols.