Working to Protect Ontario’s Watersheds, their Natural Heritage, and our Receiving Waters

Submissions, PowerPoints, etc

August 2020 –  The OHI website was updated in 2019. We have been so busy since then that we have not yet posted a set of older submissions over to this site. Please bear with us.


August 22, 2020:  OHI comments on amended EA process for Highway 413: OHI to MECP on ERO 019-1883 Aug 22

August 2, 2020:  OHI comments on proposed Water Quality Management Framework: OHI to MECP on ERO 019-1340 Aug 2

April 30, 2020:  OHI comments on Proposed Amendment 1 to Places to Grow: OHI to OGS on ERO 019-1680 July 27

April 30, 2020:  OHI comments on proposed Ministerial Zoning Order for the Simcoe County Environmental Resource Recovery Centre: OHI to MMAH on ERRA April 30

March 13, 2020:  OHI comments on the review of the Conservation Authorities Act: OHI on CA Consultation March 13 2020


OHI submission on a draft new Canada-Ontario Agreement on the Great Lakes: OHI on COA ERO 019-0198 Sept 2 2019.

Supplementary comments to Premier Ford on Flooding and Aligned Issues, stressing the need for improved watershed management in Ontario: OHI to Premier Ford on Flooding Resilience June 29

OHI Submission on the Canada-Ontario Agreement for the Great Lakes, stressing the need for a new Annex to collaborate on watershed management: OHI on COA June 17

Supplementary Comments on aspects of Bill 108, stressing the harm of proposed changes to the Conservation Authorities Act, May 21: OHI Supplementary Observations on Conservation Authorities May 21  

OHI Submission on the Far North Act, stressing the need for a comprehensive review prior to repealing the far North Act:  OHI to MNRF on Far North April 15

OHI Submission on the aggregate review, including concerns about a secret industry-dominated “summit”: OHI to MNRF on Aggregates March 26 2019

OHI Submission on the efforts to amend the Growth Plan, stressing the need for aspects of a sustainability lens therein:   OHI to ERO 013-4504 Feb 22

OHI Submission during consultations on the housing plan, stressing the lack of evidence for claims about environmental red tape and suggestions for a series of sustainability lenses for land use planning: OHI to Housing Consult Jan 25

OHI Submission Bill 66, stressing the unacceptable suspension of environmental protections and democratic norms: OHI on Bill 66 January 20, 2019   

OHI Submission on the draft Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan, stressing that it is not a plan, its selective framework, and a serious mis-statement of entitlement: OHI on ERO 013-4208 Jan 28