Working to Protect Ontario’s Headwaters, Natural Heritage, and Watersheds


Research forms the foundation of the OHI’s interests and focuses on science, policy, and performance as they relate to headwater health and watershed management.

Many of our research efforts have morphed in to additional unforeseen research, such as the development of suggested indicators of headwater health; educational programs such as the OHMapping initiative; and/or formed the basis of submissions, publications, or other aspects of civic engagement. See for example our paper Protecting Ontario’s Headwaters.

Current research includes continued efforts on indicators of headwater health, for inclusion in watershed report cards and metrics on aligned initiatives, and work on Contiguous Upland Headwater Catchments – CUHCs. These areas occur where first and second order catchments touch each other, and where our research shows that they provide critical reservoirs that protect regional ecological integrity and may need special protection in watersheds facing development pressures.