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We were remiss in maintaining this page during 2022 and 2023, and may try fill in some missing items, but we are now back on track.   


OHI on Bill 185 et al May 4 2024

OHI to Caledon RE Official Plan March 19

Backgrounder on Watershed Security March 2024

Water is Life The 4.5 Billion Year Perspective March 2024

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October 31, 2022:  Further to our participation in the Great Lakes Public Forum in Niagara Falls in September, the OHI has submitted comments on the Draft 2023 – 2025 Science and Action Priorities for the implementation of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. See them at OHI Science and Action Priorities Oct 31

March 10, 2022:  Rather than comment on the specifics of a proposed Subwatershed Planning guide, as many other organizations will do that, the OHI has sent a letter to the Minister of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks outlining our concerns that the proposal “occupies a vacuum absent a strategic vision for watershed management in Ontario.” You can see our sub at OHI on Subwatershed Planning ERO 019-4978 March 10

February 22, 2022:  The OHI expressed concerns about deficiencies in a proposed regulatory change for the beneficial reuse of excess soil at pits and quarries. See  OHI on ERO 019 4801 Feb 22

January 18, 2022:  The OHI supported a motion at the Durham Environmental Advisory Committee to add local lands to the Greenbelt. See OHI to DEAC RE Item 7 B Jan 20

January 7, 2022:  The OHI commented on a proposal for an MZO in Wilmot Township.  See OHI to Wilmot Township Jan 7

January 2022:  Thanks to a grant from Canada Summer Jobs, the OHI hired a coodinator to do site visits, outreach, a survey, GIS mapping, and a report with recommendations on the headwaters of the Credit. You can see the report at Headwater Health in the Credit Watershed January 2022


Ouch. These were not replicated here from the Blog. We will try to catch up. 


August 22, 2020:  OHI comments on amended EA process for Highway 413: OHI to MECP on ERO 019-1883 Aug 22

August 2, 2020:  OHI comments on proposed Water Quality Management Framework: OHI to MECP on ERO 019-1340 Aug 2

April 30, 2020:  OHI comments on Proposed Amendment 1 to Places to Grow: OHI to OGS on ERO 019-1680 July 27

April 30, 2020:  OHI comments on proposed Ministerial Zoning Order for the Simcoe County Environmental Resource Recovery Centre: OHI to MMAH on ERRA April 30

March 13, 2020:  OHI comments on the review of the Conservation Authorities Act: OHI on CA Consultation March 13 2020


OHI submission on a draft new Canada-Ontario Agreement on the Great Lakes: OHI on COA ERO 019-0198 Sept 2 2019.

Supplementary comments to Premier Ford on Flooding and Aligned Issues, stressing the need for improved watershed management in Ontario: OHI to Premier Ford on Flooding Resilience June 29

OHI Submission on the Canada-Ontario Agreement for the Great Lakes, stressing the need for a new Annex to collaborate on watershed management: OHI on COA June 17

Supplementary Comments on aspects of Bill 108, stressing the harm of proposed changes to the Conservation Authorities Act, May 21: OHI Supplementary Observations on Conservation Authorities May 21  

OHI Submission on the Far North Act, stressing the need for a comprehensive review prior to repealing the far North Act:  OHI to MNRF on Far North April 15

OHI Submission on the aggregate review, including concerns about a secret industry-dominated “summit”: OHI to MNRF on Aggregates March 26 2019

OHI Submission on the efforts to amend the Growth Plan, stressing the need for aspects of a sustainability lens therein:   OHI to ERO 013-4504 Feb 22

OHI Submission during consultations on the housing plan, stressing the lack of evidence for claims about environmental red tape and suggestions for a series of sustainability lenses for land use planning: OHI to Housing Consult Jan 25

OHI Submission Bill 66, stressing the unacceptable suspension of environmental protections and democratic norms: OHI on Bill 66 January 20, 2019   

OHI Submission on the draft Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan, stressing that it is not a plan, its selective framework, and a serious mis-statement of entitlement: OHI on ERO 013-4208 Jan 28