Promoting Watershed Security in Ontario – Water for People and for Nature


The Ontario Headwaters Institute has three main areas of activity, which we call portfolios, as described below.

Research & Education:   These efforts focus on science, policy, and performance related Ontario’s watershed security. Done by ourselves, in collaboration with sister organizations and/ or through academic institutions, research can be distilled as publications, videos, submissions, petitions, or other efforts, and are often packaged as educational material, sometimes seeking to advance our efforts at public engagement. 

Public Engagement:   This portfolio consists of two types of activities. First, we work to increase awareness of and support for our own mission: To increase Ontario’s commitment to watershed security. Second, we often engage sister organizations in collaborative, civic engagement activities to protect our waters which, by definition, require partners. Past examples of these partnerships have involved about 20 public meetings with over 40 local and communications partners, engaging about 1,000 participants. 

Corporate Services: As we move to implement our new mission to promote Ontario’s watershed security, we are working to identify and develop consulting services and other activities in 2024 to engage both government agencies and the private sector.