Working to Protect Ontario’s Watersheds, their Natural Heritage, and our Receiving Waters


The Ontario Headwaters Institute has three main areas of activity, or portfolios, that generate submissions, projects, and other activities. 

Research   OHI research efforts focus on science, policy, and performance related to the ecological integrity of Ontario’s framework approach to watershed management. Our research often evolves into papers, submissions, educational projects Headwater Hikes or our YouTube Channel, or civic engagement initiatives such as WaterScape and Headwater Alliances as listed below. Click to see the Research page.;

Education   We seek to both share information and learn from others, such as through OHMapping, Headwater Hikes, our YouTube Channel, and speaking to a range of audiences. Click to see our Education page and,

Civic Engagement   Work in this portfolio is delivered mostly in collaboration with other organizations, resulting in scores of activities each with multiple partners that have engaged hundreds of participants across South-central Ontario. A recent example includes WaterScape, which facilitated 6 meetings with 13 partners across South-central Ontario and its Declaration to Preserve Ontario’s Ecological Integrity. Click to see the Civic Engagement page.