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Feb 4, 2019 – We are updating our website. Please be patient as we move pages around, edit them, and add new pages.

The Ontario Headwaters Institute is a registered charity working to protect Ontario’s headwaters, natural heritage, and watersheds.

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Read our core document about the value of headwaters – Protecting Ontario’s Headwaters.¬†

Coming soon – information on our expanded mandate for watershed management.


Recent Posts to OHI Blog

Join us for a Biodiversity Webinar, 7 pm October 28

Biodiversity will be a huge international, Canadian, and Ontario issue in 2021. Please join us for a webinar on Ontario's Model for Biodiversity Conservation, with Steve Hounsell, Chair, Ontario Biodiversity Council, at 7 pm on Wednesday, October 28. This webinar is a...

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WaterScape to become an on-going OHI program

Due to the pandemic and to continuing breakneck action by the Ontario government, we have completed WaterScape III in a shortened timeframe and will post the project Summary, Recommendations, and Next Steps soon. Headlines are that: the OHI continue WaterScape as an...

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