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WaterScape III and Ontario’s Three Pandemics

Ontarians are living through three pandemic challenges. First, we have a virus that appears to be a result of too much disruption of the natural world. Covid-19, like Ebola before it, may foretell future similar species cross-overs with huge impacts on public health,...

Announcing WaterScape III

We are pleased to announce the launch of WaterScape III, being delivered in partnership with numerous organizations. WaterScape III will: Circulate an extensive discussion document with two over-arching policy recommendations and 22 suggested priority actions; Solicit...

Yet another effort on Aggregates, and more coming

Another week: another Ontario initiative to weaken environmental protection and ignore the needed shift to sustainable planning. See our comments on the proposed changes to the Aggregate Resources Act and Ontario Regulation 244/ OHI on ERO 019-0556 Nov 4