Working to Protect Ontario’s Headwaters, Natural Heritage, and Watersheds

Submissions, PowerPoints, etc

July 1, 2019 – You are looking at a page on a revamped website that contains submissions made since January 1, 2019. During those six months, we have responded to series of mostly provincial initiatives that, for their part, generally depict environmental protection as red tape that creates unnecesary costs and delays. The onslaught of these regressive efforts is disturbing and requires great time and diplomacy. It also required the OHI to focus on core efforts. In some cases we have sent in our own submissions; in others we signed joint submissions; and in still others we made supplementary comments to those joint subs to benchmark significant issues of concern to the OHI. In these extraordinary times of unfounded and undocumented efforts to reduce environmental protection as costly red tape, we thank our sister organizations for providing research for our own subs, letting us sign on to their submissions, and/or taking the lead when we are overloaded. Together, we shall overcome the unfortunately myopic who think they can cut open the goose to get all the golden eggs.


Our subs since January include:

OHI submission on a draft new Canada-Ontario Agreement on the Great Lakes: OHI on COA ERO 019-0198 Sept 2 2019.

Supplementary comments to Premier Ford on Flooding and Aligned Issues, stressing the need for improved watershed management in Ontario: OHI to Premier Ford on Flooding Resilience June 29

OHI Submission on the Canada-Ontario Agreement for the Great Lakes, stressing the need for a new Annex to collaborate on watershed management: OHI on COA June 17

Supplementary Comments on aspects of Bill 108, stressing the harm of proposed changes to the Conservation Authorities Act, May 21: OHI Supplementary Observations on Conservation Authorities May 21  

OHI Submission on the Far North Act, stressing the need for a comprehensive review prior to repealing the far North Act:  OHI to MNRF on Far North April 15

OHI Submission on the aggregate review, including concerns about a secret industry-dominated “summit”: OHI to MNRF on Aggregates March 26 2019

OHI Submission on the efforts to amend the Growth Plan, stressing the need for aspects of a sustainability lens therein:   OHI to ERO 013-4504 Feb 22

OHI Submission during consultations on the housing plan, stressing the lack of evidence for claims about environmental red tape and suggestions for a series of sustainability lenses for land use planning: OHI to Housing Consult Jan 25

OHI Submission Bill 66, stressing the unacceptable suspension of environmental protections and democratic norms: OHI on Bill 66 January 20, 2019   

OHI Submission on the draft Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan, stressing that it is not a plan, its selective framework, and a serious mis-statement of entitlement: OHI on ERO 013-4208 Jan 28