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The Ontario Headwaters Institute is a registered charity working to protect Ontario’s headwaters, natural heritage, and watersheds.

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Read our core document about the value of headwaters – Protecting Ontario’s Headwaters. 

Coming soon – information on our expanded mandate for watershed management.


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Watershed Management under threat of dilution

In early April, Ontario posted notices to amend the Conservation Authority Act and its regulation. Prior to the deadline for comments, the Government tabled Bill 108, which impacts both notices. While many details remain vague, the Government did not offer public...

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Intent to Repeal the Far North Act

We urge organizations concerned about the on-going erosion of environmental and community planning safeguards to comment by May 10 on the proposed repeal of the Far North Act. See the posting here. See our submission at OHI to MNRF on Far North April 15. As our sub...

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