Headwater Hikes

The OHI is part of Healthy Hikes, a program of Conservation Ontario, Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities, and other partners. The OHI’s 2016 Headwater Hikes will be shown on the calendar at Healthy Hikes.


Purpose Headwater Hikes provides descriptions and maps for a series of self-guided hikes to encourage people to get out into nature, explore our headwater areas, and get a better understanding of our headwater catchments, their small streams & wetlands, and the biodiversity they harbour. While the Hikes and the supporting information were designed to help anyone head out on their  own – recognizing that several of the Hikes have parking lots for as few as 6 cars and that others may require a small fee for parking – feel free to contact the OHI to discuss a guided Hike with your group.

Background: The Ten Original Headwater Hikes, 2015 The OHI thanks the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and our 19 regional partners for help to develop and launch the original ten Hikes in 2015, all of which are on the Greenbelt and are listed after the next section. Background material, included in a grant from the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation to develop the first ten Hikes, remains germane to all the Hikes and includes:




Additional Hikes:   The OHI will be adding to add at least one new Headwater Hike a year, while encouraging on-going Hikes to be led by partner organizations, whose past support entitles them to use the Hike information that they helped develop as they may desire.

New for 2016:      Robert Edmonsdon Conservation Area, Milton              Note:         An inaugural Hike will be led by the OHI at 10 am Sunday, May 15. Please note that there is a gate fee for Edmondson. We have asked that it be waived for Sunday morning, and will update the information as soon as possible.

Partner Hikes for 2016:  We anticipate Hikes being staged by partner NGOs at Alton Grange, Glen Major, and Short Hills during the fall foliage season. Please check back or monitor our social media for dates.

The Ten Original Hikes

The OHI will work to maintain the accuracy of the information from 2015 so that people can experience these Hikes at any time on their own. You can see where these Hikes are located at 2015 Greenbelt Hikes Map and List of Partners . If you do head out on a Hike, please read and adhere to the Safety Guidelines and Disclaimers above.

The Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review

This Review – on the Niagara Escarpment plan, the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation plan, the Greenbelt, and the Growth Plan, and 17 associated policy and regulatory initiatives –  was launched with a consultation on series of key questions posted to the Environmental Registry in 2015. Following public meetings and a report from a panel of experts, the Government is expected to post drafts of potential changes to the key acts or regulations sometime in early 2016. Please see more at the website of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Please also note that many of our regional partners, as well as local municipalities and other organizations, have made submissions that you can find on-line. The OHI’s can be found under the blog, or here.