An important part of our mission is sharing our perspective and learning from others on the role that headwaters play in the ecological integrity of our watersheds and their biodiversity.   Please click on any photo below to access more details on each program area.


We are creating a series of maps to depict local watersheds. See watercourses colour-coded by stream order, the boundaries of headwater catchments, and local conditions.

OHI Mapping

Headwater Hikes

Tromp these trails to get an understanding of Ontario’s varied headwater areas. Two-page summaries of each area describe key features and include maps and degree of difficulty.

Video Vignettes

Video Vignettes comprises both Educational PowerPoints, with slides set to music, and Video Experiences, consisting mostly of narrated field excursions. Please click on the image below to go directly to the Channel.


Teacher Support

To help facilitate classroom discussion, Teacher Support contains click-to-advance versions of the slide decks in Educational PowerPoints. The OHI is also available for class presentations and outings.