The Ontario Headwaters Institute is a registered charity working to preserve and protect Ontario’s headwaters through research, education, and best practices.

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In December, we launched an OHI YouTube Channel and began posting a series of Teacher Supports to help school relate to watersheds and headwaters. Head to Education to see both.


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New Headwater Hikes for 2016

Sometimes, it helps to just get outside. This is as true for those of us who work for improvements to environmental policies and program as it is for anyone stressed by those aspects of life that can overwhelm even Dr Phil. For the former, we are pleased to announce our first addition to the ten Headwater Hikes launched last year. The new Hike, at Robert Edmondson Conservation Area near Milton, is an easy, charming stroll through a varied landscape with wetlands, evergreens, and hardwoods. Of all our hikes, it may be the best suited to families with young children, although it does have an entrance fee. Please check our social media around May 8 for updates on a Hike to be held there at 10 am, Sunday, May 15. The dates of other Headwater Hikes to be held amidst fall foliage will be announced later. These hikes will be led by Headwater Hike partners and will take place at Alton Grange, the Glen Major Forest, and Short Hills provincial park. On the broader need to pursue a better balance in our 21st century, hectic lives, the OHI is pleased to once again be a partner in Healthy Hikes, an initiative of Conservation Ontario that encourages people to “boost their health by stepping into nature’. Scores if not hundreds of walks will be posted to the calendar at the Healthy Hikes website. Innovations to this year’s program include an extensive, two-way social media presence. First, you can join their Facebook and Twitter feeds to see what is happening, where, and when, especially if you want to head out on a... read more
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