The Ontario Headwaters Institute is a registered charity working to preserve and protect Ontario’s headwaters through research, education, and best practices.

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See Protecting Ontario’s HeadwatersExtending the Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review to preserve Ontario’s natural heritage, watersheds, and ecological integrity



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The Greenbelt: South-central Ontario’s Great Barrier Reef

On April 7, the Toronto Star ran a commentary by David Crombie and Ajax mayor Steve Parrish on the on-going Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review. It took issue with claims from the development community that the Greenbelt was responsible for high housing costs and their desire to open it to more housing. In contrast, the authors noted the amount of under-utilized land not in the Greenbelt, the need to avoid further auto-dependent sprawl, and presented three high-level objectives centred on strong and timely action, a comprehensive approach to integrated planning, and flexibility for local government. The Ontario Headwaters Institute supports the position of the two authors. We are concerned, however, that the heavyweights still slugging it out at this late stage, as the review has disappeared behind cabinet doors, are almost uniquely focused on city form, the cost of housing, transportation, and municipal services. One line from the commentary is chilling: “The bottom line is that we must use land more effectively and create livable communities.” While these are certainly significant concerns, they are not the bottom line. The real bottom line is that the Greenbelt, and more, must be protected, and better protected than until now, to ensure the region’s natural heritage, its water, and its agriculture. Each of these is already in trouble, and each face the challenge of a changing climate. Natural heritage is so thin and poorly protected that the government has pledged to do a natural heritage inventory and suggested a benchmark that 30% of developable lands must remain in their natural state, which is too little according to recent international studies while it... read more

Great Lakes Investments Needed

The OHI is a member of the Great Lakes Protection Act Alliance, which today issued a great blog post at  http://www.cela.ca/blog/2017-04-07/greater-investments-are-needed-protect-great-lakes. Thanks to CELA and EDC for their leadership on this... read more
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