The Ontario Headwaters Institute is a registered charity working to preserve and protect Ontario’s headwaters through research, education, and best practices.

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See Protecting Ontario’s HeadwatersExtending the Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review to preserve Ontario’s natural heritage, watersheds, and ecological integrity



Recent Posts to OHI Blog

Feb 13 E-news: Naturally Resilient

The Province has posted a draft “strategic and coordinated five-year framework (2017-2021) to guide the ministry in taking actions to continue sustainable natural resource management in Ontario, and support resilience, as the climate changes.”  Please see OHI E-news February... read more

Beyond the Co-ordinated Land Use Planning Review

With a lot of attention focused on both new policy recommendations for and possible additions to the Greenbelt, the OHI has today released a paper with three key recommendations to better define the Four Directions proposed in the review and to extend their outcomes to the whole of the province. See Protecting Ontario’s... read more
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